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Why All on 4?

The disadvantages of traditional dentures are well known, from the need for adhesives to the difficulty in eating certain foods. Prosmiles is a strong advocate for All on 4 because this revolutionary dental implant technique not only eliminates the disadvantages of old practices, but also services to prevent bone deterioration, restore facial features as well as being permanently fixed in the mouth.

All on 4 requires only four implants per arch, whereas traditional implants require six to eight. The method by which the implants are secured into the jaw means they are both secure and a more cost-effective treatment comparatively.

Dental Implant Options

  • About All on 4

    Want to know more about All on 4? Prosmiles can provide all the information regarding how this amazing technique works to secure dentures with fewer implants.

  • Steps to All on 4

    Considering All on 4? We can take you through each and every step of the treatment, from the placement of implants to the teeth fitting.

  • All on 4 Cost

    The cost of dental implants is a valid concern. All on 4 is an affordable and reliable implant alternative, which is not to mention it is a less invasive treatment with long lasting results.

  • Long Term Bridges

    We offer a range of long-term bridges to suit All on 4 implants, including high impact acrylic, titanium as well as zirconia and titanium hybrids.

  • All on 4 FAQ’s

    These are dentures that don’t slip or require adhesives. Dentures that don’t move while you eat or feel uncomfortable. Say goodbye to traditional dentures with this ideal treatment option.

  • Case Gallery

    Our ‘before and after’ case gallery for All on 4 can help you determine whether this treatment option is right for you.

The Big Decision

The staff at Prosmiles understand the emotional impact surrounding a decision such as this. After all, the smile is representative of who we are, how other people perceive us, and even how we see ourselves. Knowing this, we only use dental fittings with a minimum of 10 years research behind them, and will be upfront with you regarding all of the risks, costs and maintenance required.

With Prosmiles, trust that we endeavour to make you smile because you are wholly satisfied with the result, not just because you look good while doing it. If you want to know more about All on 4, book a consultation today.

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