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Preserve natural teeth with mini dental implants
Tooth human implant (done in 3d graphics)

Preserve natural teeth with mini dental implants

A healthy beautiful smile has become the hallmark of general good health and vitality. It creates a good impression and helps to convey an air of confidence.

Missing or damaged teeth affect our confidence and can impact our ability to do everyday things like smiling and eating.  We become self-conscious and adopt the habit of hiding our teeth when we smile.

Mini dental implants are a more affordable and less invasive way of correcting damaged or lost teeth.

Below we address some of the issues around the importance of preserving your natural teeth with mini dentures and why full dentures are a last-resort option.

Benefits of natural teeth

Mini dental implants are ideal for lots of reasons.  We work wherever we can to preserve your natural teeth. Mini dental implants allow you to maintain your remaining natural teeth.  We try to avoid the use of full dentures when possible.

When you bite into food you apply a (sub-conscious) optimum amount of force.  You adapt your bite pressure to each different food you consume.  Consider the difference between eating porridge versus eating a steak.  You have done this so many times over your lifetime that you probably aren’t aware of the varying force you apply.

A full set of dentures can’t attain the same pressure as natural teeth.  Your natural teeth are set rigid into your jaw bone working together to give your bite tremendous force.

Dentures rest against the gums and without the back-up of your powerful jaw they just don’t work as effectively.

Having dentures can completely change your relationship with food.  The foods you used to eat are now difficult to consume with dentures and you begin to choose foods that are already soft.  This leads to a loss of enjoyment of eating and can also exacerbate jaw bone issues.

This is why we prefer to avoid dentures wherever possible.

What are mini dental implants?

Less time, less cost, less invasive.

Mini dental implants are the same concept as regular dental implants but are slightly smaller.  Like regular implants they are used to replace lost or damaged teeth. Mini implants can achieve immediate denture stabilization and are far less invasive and lengthy a process as regular implants.

Mini dental implants are a great solution when the patient has adequate bone levels in the jaw.

Maintaining good dental health for now and into the future

Discuss your current and future concerns with us and we will help you to keep your smile looking its best.

We encourage you to be mindful of foods and drinks that over time can cause discolouration. Make the extra effort to brush after drinking red wine, coffee, and tea or eliminate them from your diet altogether.

Regular daily brushing and flossing is an excellent habit and really works to keep your teeth and gums in optimum health.  Role-modelling these dental practices to your children and teaching them the same habits will set them up for fantastic dental health over their life too.

Smile with Confidence

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