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The Right Time For Removing Wisdom Teeth
The Right Time For Removing Wisdom Teeth

The Right Time For Removing Wisdom Teeth

There can be problems with wisdom teeth as they are in harder to reach places in the mouth, which can impact on brushing and flossing. This means that it can be a problem leading to tooth decay and this may require some dental work. If the problem is serious and has not been treated early, then it may become necessary for the wisdom teeth to be removed at this time.

Detecting wisdom teeth growth

It is possible for dentists to be able to undertake x-rays periodically that will show the position of your teeth. With children, the field of orthotropics means that the dentist may be able to take action prior to the permanent teeth coming through. This allows the jaw to develop and broaden so that there is more room for teeth. There is also the opportunity to identify as part of this process if there is likely to be any problem with wisdom teeth. There are now computer programs available, which are able to map the growth of teeth and make projections about the way that teeth will behave as part of their growing pattern.

If the orthotropic work has been effective, it may not be necessary to undertake any work associated with wisdom teeth at all as they have sufficient room to come through and they will be able to settle in position in the mouth without a problem.

If the dentist has not been involved in assessing the health of the teeth over a period of time, they are still able to look at the teeth and analyse if any work needs to be undertaken. Wisdom teeth will usually come through in the late teen years or the early twenties. Their growth is not always completely predictable. There may be issues with the way that they come through that will then impact on the teeth beside them, or they may have some effect on the jaw. This development will be shown through x-rays. If they are taken regularly, it is possible to identify what work needs to be undertaken and when it should be done.

What our dentists can do for you

Where there are problems with the growth of these teeth, it becomes necessary to undertake the surgical work for their removal. It is important to try to get this work done before the wisdom teeth are able to have a broader impact on other teeth.

This reinforces the advantages of going to see a dentist regularly. It becomes possible to take early action where there are problems with wisdom tooth development as well as addressing other problems. If you do require wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne, then you should seek assistance from a skilled and experienced dentist. This can be an involved procedure. Often it can be undertaken in a dental surgery using a local anesthetic. There will also be a period of recovery and healing after the surgery has been undertaken.

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