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What is Myobrace?

What is Myobrace?

ProSmiles’ Myobrace treatment is the game changing no brace treatment that features a precision crafted plastic device like a mouthguard designed to straighten crooked teeth and eliminate bad oral habits while children are young. At ProSmiles we advocate the use of Myobrace in our Collingwood and Camberwell clinics, helping to shape healthier jaws and maximise the oral health and hygiene of all children.

How Myobrace can help your child’s teeth

Bad oral habits such as swallowing incorrectly and breathing from the mouth, can lead to young teeth growing crookedly. Children who suck their fingers or thumbs tend to breathe through the mouth and this may eventuate in an incorrect tongue rest posture. This also causes crowing in the upper front teeth, and leaving both the upper and lower jaws to become underdeveloped adversely affecting the child’s facial structure.

The Myobrace is ideally suited to children aged between 6-12 years old who display bad oral habits, known as myofunctional habits, which may result in crooked teeth later in life. The Myobrace no brace treatment device gently positions and encourages the teeth into the desired position. This treatment is most effective if started before the child’s permanent teeth begin to erupt.

Wearing a Myobrace appliance every day for one to two hours, and overnight while the child sleeps, along with regular training exercises, can make a big difference to your child’s oral health. This may prevent them from needing the more traditional brace solution as they go through their teenage years.

The advantages of early treatment:

  • Reduces the likelihood of the child needing fixed braces or having teeth extracted
  • Optimises healthy facial growth and formation
  • Improves breathing through the mouth
  • Improves muscle function and tongue positioning
  • Eliminates poor oral habits, such as finger and thumb sucking

Myobrace in Collingwood and Camberwell

If your child displays any of the behaviours such as thumb sucking and nose breathing please contact ProSmiles at 9077 9953 to organise an appointment today.