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Be Inspired – Explore our All on 4 Dental Implant Case Gallery

Case 1 – Lower All on 4 with Nobel Procera Titanium Framework Bridge

A retired individual who had been plagued with extensive dental infection and deteriorated teeth, opted for the conventional upper denture and lower All on 4 Dental Implants. Effectively restoring function to both his bite and smile.

Case 2 – Upper and Lower All on 4 Concept Bridges – 5 Implants in each jaw

Christine came to ProSmiles suffering from dental anxiety and deteriorated teeth. On consultation we addressed her anxieties and implanted 5 dental implants to the upper jaw and 4 implants to the lower jaw. Christine’s All on 4 Concept Bridges provided a comprehensive fixed tooth replacement solution.

Case 3 – Lower All on 4 Concept Bridge on 5 Nobel Biocare Implants

A professional came to ProSmiles plagued with dental anxiety, dental neglect and periodontal (gum) disease. Alleviating the anxiety with reassurance and education we restored their lower teeth with immediate loading (2 days) All on 4 Implants. We placed an additional implant for future contingency.

Case 4 – Lower ALL on 4 Concept Bridge on 5 Nobel Biocare Implants

Having dealt with the daily discomfort of lower denture over the course of many years, we restored function and bite to our patient with an ALL on 4 Concept Implant Bridge using 5 implants.

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