Composite Dental Bonding for Premium Smile Restoration

Composite Dental Bonding in Melbourne

Reveal Beautiful Teeth in Just One Visit

From the use of antibiotics to smoking, coffee and tea consumption to the affects of time and wear and tear, teeth may become discoloured and stained. The staining of teeth can impact your confidence and social interactions.

Dental or composite bonding is a commonly used conservative approach in covering stains and rebuilding teeth that have been fractured, stained or sustained damage.

At ProSmiles our experts offer cosmetic contouring on teeth with composite bonding that can enhance the appearance of crooked teeth and may be used to close spaces between teeth. Composite bonding is also used in the treatment of temporary bite changes with less invasive techniques that would normally compromise the integrity of the natural tooth.

Dental bonding is an alternative to dental crowns and veneers, whilst highly affordable and a quick resolution, bonding is susceptible to staining. The process may need to be repeated after a 5-8-year period. Whilst not an equivalent to crowns, the immediate results and transformation is very rewarding for your patients.

What Is Composite Dental Bonding?

Improve and enhance your smile with dental bonding! A process of applying a matched resin to your teeth, composite bonding is then hardened using an intense light. This ensures the resin adheres to the dentin and enamel of the tooth, limiting the amount of tooth structure that needs to be removed.

Indications Of Composite Dental Bonding

  • Repair chipped or cracked teeth
  • Improve the appearance of discoloured teeth due to tea, coffee and antibiotics
  • Close the diastema (the gap between the front teeth)
  • Elongate teeth
  • Alter the shape of teeth
  • As a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings
  • Protect the tooth’s root that has been exposed when gums recede
Fractured and cracked teeth can be restored using this dental technique. Transforming badly decayed teeth and lengthening and reshaping teeth, depending on your requirements, composite bonding offers an affordable alternative to dental crowns and veneers.