Invisalign Melbourne

Invisalign Melbourne the Clear and Innovative Alternative

Invisalign Explained

Virtually transparent Invisalign is a system of clear, removable aligners, customised to gently position your teeth into position without unsightly wires and brackets.

Encouraging controlled movements over time your teeth are gradually repositioned, without the discomfort of traditional braces.

Why Invisalign?

  • Overcrowded Teeth Often uncomfortable, overcrowded teeth are due to a lack of space within the jaw to accommodate all your teeth. Gum disease is more prevalent in those with overcrowded teeth as teeth are harder to clean and it may also prevent the natural functionality of your teeth.
  • Spaced Teeth Due to extra space within your jaw, spacing can result in periodontal disease including gingivitis and periodontist as food becomes impacted within the extra space. This in turn may lead to a severe loss of the alveolar bone which results in tooth loss.
  • Crossbites A crossbite is defined as lower teeth covering the upper teeth. Normally aligned dentition is vice versa. Often resulting in compromised functionality of the teeth, gum disease and additional wear the crossbite will cause one or more of the upper teeth to bite on the inside of the lower teeth.
  • Overbites Defined as the upper teeth significantly overlapping the lower teeth, this common affliction tends to predominately impact the front teeth. An overbite may lead to gum issues, additional wear on the lower teeth and can cause jaw joint pain and discomfort.
  • Underbites As lower teeth protrude past the front teeth, this condition is usually caused by undergrowth of the upper jaw, overgrowth of the lower jaw, or in some cases both. An underbite may also be a result of missing upper teeth. This condition can prevent normal functionality of both the front teeth and molars, which will cause tooth erosion and wear. It may also cause jaw pain and discomfort.

How does invisalign work?

Encouraging a series of controlled movements, the Invisalign treatment adjusts periodically, adapting to the daily changes in the positioning of your teeth. Composed of thermoplastic, Invisalign is hygienic and offers a long-term solution that enhances your overall oral health. Your teeth will gradually move in response to the changing of your aligners, straightening into their final position, as prescribed by our team of experts.

The Invisalign Treatment Process

  • Our ProSmiles Invisalign trained dentist will take x-rays, digital scans or a dental impression to formulate your treatment plan.
    Your Invisalign aligners will be created using the information from your dentist, essentially creating a 3D treatment plan customised to your individual needs.
  • We will provide you with a series of customised aligners for you to wear every day. We do recommend that your aligner is changed every two weeks.
  • An appointment will be scheduled every 6-8 weeks where upon you will receive your next set of aligners.

Invisalign for Teens

At ProSmiles our team of professionals are highly skilled and experienced in providing Invisalign treatment to teenagers. Say goodbye to the metal brackets and discomfort of traditional braces with Invisalign the clear alternative. We invite you to avail of our Invisalign Consultation at no cost to discuss the needs of your teen with our experienced Invisalign dentist.

As adults, we are conscious of our appearance and this sensitivity is heightened throughout the teenage years. Growing teens can be psychologically and socially sensitive about their appearance, particularly while interacting with school peers. The revolutionary Invisalign treatment offers a virtually unnoticeable alternative that teenagers love. We can also offer colour based ‘compliance indicators’ that indicate whether the aligners have been worn for the recommended 20-22 hours per day.

The clear and innovative alternative, Invisalign Aligners are truly the invisible cosmetic dental procedure, gently positioning your teeth with discretion.

Invisalign Melbourne Information Session

Book a free consultation with one of our experienced and highly skilled dentists at ProSmiles today. Avail of our personal Invisalign Information Session and discover the far-reaching benefits of this incredible invisible braces technology.