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Dental Clinic Near Northcote

The north-eastern region of Melbourne has always been an area that offers a nice mixture of environments. There is a mixture of residences including Edwardian and Victorian cottages, as well as apartments and terraces that suits different lifestyles. This is a place that is always worth visiting and for those lucky enough to live there it is a great place to enjoy all that Melbourne has to offer. It has a community of artists and musicians and is popular with young families, and also older Greek and Italian residents who have been here for many years.

There are good restaurants and great cafes as well as specialist shops that sell designer goods. If you are looking for nightlife there is a music scene and a range of local bars that offer a mixture of interesting venues.

If you are looking for dental services in the Northcote area, then ProSmiles should be first on your list. We are a well-established practice with clients that come to us from across the north-eastern region of Melbourne.

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Treatments our dentist can provide you

ProSmiles work well with all age groups and offer a safe and supportive environment for our clients. If you are simply looking for regular check-ups or teeth whitening, we provide a great service. If you need emergency care or treatment of a bad toothache, we can do that too. If you are looking at more involved procedures or cosmetic work, you will find that we have a reputation as one of the best in the local area.

At ProSmiles, we have dedicated dentists who are continuously looking for advanced procedures that will bring benefits to our clients. We keep our skills up to date and we invest in advanced technology to support modern techniques. Our focus is on providing our clients with the best possible outcomes.

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If you need dental services in the Northcote area, then give one of our friendly staff a call to find out more. Contact our clinic in nearby Collingwood during business hours onĀ (03)8613 3416 or use our web contact form to send a query at any time.