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Implant Dentistry at ProSmiles Melbourne

Proudly progressive, our team of experienced implantologists transform the aesthetic appearance and functionality of your teeth, increasing your confidence and chewing capacity. Offering a permanent solution our dental implants fuse to living bone, resulting in teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth while supporting optimal oral hygiene.

Your next gen smile is ready!
Implant dentistry is revolutionising tooth replacement with advancements that provide a permanent solution to tooth loss.
Dental implants offer the patient an aesthetically superior tooth replacement option that ensures the vitality and integrity of the jaw bone. The titanium implant fuses naturally, challenging the need for the more traditional treatments such as dentures while providing the patient with teeth that look and feel completely natural.

What is a Dental Implant?
As an experienced provider of dental implants in Melbourne, ProSmiles offer an advanced implant procedure whereby a small titanium screw is placed into the jaw bone, replacing the root of the tooth. This technology may be used to replace a single tooth , a group of teeth or help to stabilise loose or ill-fitting dentures.
Your course of treatment will involve a series of measured steps to determine your suitability for the implant procedure. We will evaluate according to your individual needs possible bone and tissue grafting, the positioning of the dental implant, and whether there is a need for any diagnostic radiographs. Tailoring your smile solution we will advise and recommend from a variety of options including our All on 4 and full arch implants.

All implants are not made equal!
Quality can vary and there are cheaper dental implants brought to market that while on the exterior may look the same, they are in fact an inferior product. At ProSmiles we are committed to excellence in not only our range of services and techniques but also in the quality of the dental implants we use. We offer only high quality, internationally renowned dental implants at both our Collingwood dental clinic.
As technology advances with cutting edge innovations such as the All on 4 concept, the increasing affordability of quality dental health care is now available to a wider patient base. What once was a high-end solution for those with dispensable cash is now a fully accessible treatment for the wider community.

Rediscover your Ability to Smile

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