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Affordable Single Dental Implants for a Natural Looking Solution

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Dental Implants – Your Advanced Tooth Replacement Option

The loss of a tooth is a traumatic experience and may cause a range of oral health issues. This may include a compromised smile, gum tissue shrinkage and a loss of stability and chewing force when eating. At Prosmiles whether it be a single dental implant or multiple implants, we use premium quality dental implants, abutments and dental crowns. In partnership with local master technicians our crowns are produced in Melbourne and are an affordable option for all patients with prices starting from just $2940.

Dr.Madhur Shiralkar, our principal dentist offers an extensive portfolio of achievement, having achieved distinction in his Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants) from the University of Sydney and has been published in the Australian Dental Magazine and teaches, fellow dentists at the DIA Implantology Academy in Melbourne.
At ProSmiles we are committed to ensuring quality dental care is affordable for all our patients. We offer NO GAP* Dental Implant Consultation, so you can be informed of the various treatment options available to you without obligation or commitment.

Explaining the Cost of Single Tooth Dental Implants

Many factors may influence the cost of your dental implant procedure. The complexity of your individual situation through to your jaw bone tissue density may impact the pricing of your treatment plan. Considerations include:

  • The experience and specialisation of your dentist and dental technicians
  • The number of teeth in need of replacement
  • Clinical condition of your existing teeth
  • The need for additional procedures including bone and gum grafting and separate second stage surgery
  • The location of the missing tooth or teeth – if a single front tooth or multiple teeth located in the ‘smile zone’ requires customised components and intricate and more detailed lab work
  • Creation of custom-made implant crowns or bridges to compensate for reduced bone density

Terms and Conditions

  • For current members of BUPA, Medibank or AHM, we follow their recommended fee structure in order to maximise your rebate.
  • Additional treatments including X-rays, photographs, models, 3D guide and temporary teeth may be required according to your individual situation and needs.
  • If it is deemed clinically necessary that you undergo second stage surgery to expose the implant, an additional fee of $350 per implant will be incurred.
  • All surgical or invasive procedures carry risk. We recommend consulting an appropriately quality health practitioner for a second opinion before proceeding with your dental implant procedure.

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