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Myobrace Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the Benefits of Myobrace?
Is my Child a Suitable Candidate?
What is the Duration of the Myobrace Treatment Plan?

Children’s Dentistry at ProSmiles No Job to Small

We understand that many of our clients have a lot of questions about how Myobrace works and how it improves the aesthetic appearance of children’s teeth. Myobrace is an advanced technology designed for children aged between the ages of five and ten. During these years, the milk teeth begin to fall out and a child’s permanent teeth begin to grow in. We partner with parents to ensure that necessary steps are taken to support the natural, healthy growth and positioning of your child’s teeth.

1.Less Braces, More Happy Faces
  • Complete health dentistry for your child with a holistic approach
  • Supports well-developed jaws and less crooked teeth
  • Encourages proper breathing techniques and enhanced natural facial development
Bone Grafting Work What can we do at home to increase the efficacy of the Myobrace treatment at home?
  • Lips together always except for speaking
  • Breathing through the nose- to assist the development of the upper and lower jaws, and to achieve a correct bite
  • No lip activity when swallowing- to allow the front teeth to develop correctly
Bone Graft How long does the Myobrace treatment program last?

The use of the appliance can last anywhere between three and twenty-four months, primarily depending upon the condition of your child’s teeth. It also depends on the compliance and how regularly you follow the exercises and activities as instructed by your ProSmiles dentist.

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