People with bad teeth know the difficulties they face with their smile. It can impact on their confidence and their health. The two most common treatments are fillings and teeth whitening in Melbourne. But there are a range of issues that come with living with bad teeth. We have listed seventeen of them below.


Teeth change colour naturally over time, but they can also become discoloured or appear yellow. Teeth whitening is a great solution.

Cracked teeth

Cracked teeth can happen to people who even appear to have healthy teeth and can lead to problems if not treated.

Tooth loss

There can be a variety of ways that teeth can be lost – whether by planned removal or through an incident. But there are ways to manage this with your dentist.

Uneven bite

An uneven bite can occur when your teeth do not grow evenly. There are different ways that this can be managed, and it can even be assessed before the main teeth have grown in young children.

Wisdom teeth

For many people the growth of wisdom teeth can lead to problems if there is not enough room for them or they do not come through straight.

Bad breath

Bad breath can be caused by incorrect oral hygiene and there are simple solutions for many of the causes.

Broken teeth

Broken teeth can occur through a range of incidents and need to be treated quickly if it causes a problem with your bite or leaves the inside of your tooth exposed.


Cavities are a common problem and are able to be treated with a simple filling. These now come in composite materials which match tooth colour.


When teeth become badly stained, it may be necessary to do more than just teeth whitening. There are ways to cover up staining and it will match other teeth.


An abscess occurs when there is an infection on your gum beside or under your tooth. This usually needs to be treated with antibiotics.


If there is a need to remove multiple teeth, then dentures will still ensure that the person is able to eat properly and that the shape of their mouth is retained.


If there is a gap between teeth where there were multiple teeth removed, then there is the chance to have a permanent fixture that is attached to the teeth on either side. It has false teeth built into it that enable normal chewing.


When you need to have your teeth covered or reshaped, then there are porcelain or composite crowns that will make your teeth even and look fresh and healthy. It is a great way to improve a smile.

Crooked teeth

Crooked teeth can be straightened using braces whether you are a child or an adult.

Crowded teeth

It is possible to manage crowded teeth to ensure that they are able to grow evenly and straight.

Root canal

When a tooth has been damaged and needs to be removed because the root has been severely damaged, then a dentist is able to remove and replace the tooth in a series of treatments.

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