Maximise the Outcome of Dental Implant Surgery with Bone Grafting

Advance Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

As part of your pre procedure assessment our dentists may recommend bone grafting if there is inadequate thickness or volume of the jawbone. From ‘socket grafts’ to a ‘block bone graft’ and a ‘sinus lift procedure’, allow ProSmiles to guide you towards the optimal treatment.

How Does Bone Grafting Work?

Specific to your individual needs, bone grafting may maximise the result of your dental implantation procedure. This is known as ‘ridge augmentation’. For patients experiencing atrophy of the jaw or those who have worn dentures over a long period of time may experience jawbone erosion. Bone grafting is required when the density of the remaining bone is insufficient to support your implant treatment.

Where Will The Graft Material Come From?

Bone grafting is a specialised field requiring premium quality graft material. Material may be sourced from cadaver, bovine or synthetic bone which reduces cost and removes the need for the patient to commit to additional surgery.

In more complex situations, the bone for grafting may be procured from the patient’s own body. This is usually from the chin, hip or shin bones, this is a more invasive procedure requiring a surgical procedure for retrieval.

What Is The Cost Of The Bone Graft Procedure?

Call for your personal consultation with our experienced dentists in Collingwood. Costs per procedure will depend on your individual circumstances, the type of grafting materials used and whether it is performed as a separate procedure. Our dentists will assist you throughout the process and will confirm your options via a thorough assessment conducted by our expert dentists.

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