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Here at Prosmiles Dental in Melbourne, wisdom teeth removal is one of the common procedures that we perform. We understand the pain associated with wisdom tooth infection can be quite debilitating, and we strive to see you during our emergency slot or after hours.

Wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne

Dr. Madhur, our Principal Dentist at Prosmiles Collingwood, has over a decade of extensive experience in advanced surgical procedures, including wisdom teeth removal. He uses advanced technology and expertise to make wisdom teeth extraction safe and comfortable.

  • In-house 2D full mouth x-ray to assess wisdom teeth problems
  • In-house 3D CT scan to assess complicated wisdom teeth. E.g. If they are close to the nerve
  • State of The Art Piezotome Ultrasonic Surgery to make complicated wisdom teeth removal more precise and safer.
  • On-site sleep dentistry if needed to make wisdom teeth extraction more comfortable.

Why do wisdom teeth cause pain?

Wisdom teeth are a set of molars that erupt in the late teenage years or even later in life. People who have enough space in the jaw get wisdom teeth that are well positioned and can be cleaned easily.

Many people are not that lucky and get wisdom teeth at an angle against the cheek, gums, or impacting adjacent tooth. This wisdom teeth impaction can create inflammation, abscesses, and infection, which can be debilitating.

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I had wisdom teeth pain before and now it is settled. Why should I see a dentist?

Here at Prosmiles Melbourne, we believe prevention is better than a cure. Even though the wisdom teeth pain can sometimes subside, giving a false sense of relief, the impacted wisdom tooth that is the cause of the problem until removed may cause ongoing silent problems:

  • Food packing around wisdom tooth and adjacent teeth that is hard to clean
  • Gum infection and abscesses that may not hurt
  • Extensive decay on adjacent tooth and loss of an additional tooth
  • Cysts and infection in the jawbone

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Wisdom Teeth Removal FAQs

Getting your wisdom teeth removed can seem like a hassle. At ProSmiles, we attempt to make the process as easy as possible. We’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions to help our patients understand the procedure better. For more, call (03) 8613 3416.

How long to recover from wisdom teeth removal?
On average, it will take up to 2 weeks to fully recover from getting your wisdom teeth removed. During the recovery process, you may find that your mouth and cheeks remain swollen, which will gradually get better over time. To help the inflammation reduce, you can gently press cold cloth to your face. At ProSmiles, our dentists will outline all recovery details for you before beginning the procedure.
How long after wisdom teeth removal can I eat normally ?
An hour after surgery, you can remove your gauze sponge to have something to eat. However, the food you eat must be soft for at least the first 24 hours. It’s best to avoid hot food and drinks and instead stick to eating things like ice cream, yogurt, mash potatoes or other soft foods. It’s also important not to use a straw for the first 24 hours after your surgery.
How to get rid of numbness after wisdom teeth removal?

Ultimately, getting rid of numbness after wisdom teeth removal comes down to time. Gradually, your numbness will subdue, and the swelling will go down. You can gently place a cold cloth on your face to help with irritation, but the numbness will go away on its own. For more information on what to expect after the surgery, talk to our dentists today.

How long does wisdom teeth removal take?
Wisdom teeth removal is a fairly quick process and should generally take up to 45 minutes or less. However, timing is also dependent on each individual case and how difficult your wisdom teeth are to remove. Obviously, if you’re taking out all four wisdom teeth in one sitting then the procedure will take longer than if you were just to get one wisdom tooth extracted.
How long does it take for wisdom teeth removal to heal?
It will take up to 2 weeks to fully recover from wisdom teeth removal surgery. Your gum tissue will close off the extraction holes within a few days of the procedure and will be replaced with a smooth texture over the socket. Until this happens, your mouth and face may feel swollen and you may feel some irritation. This will reduce over time as your wisdom teeth extraction holes start to heal.
How to brush teeth after wisdom teeth removal?
It’s best not to brush or use mouth wash on the first day of your wisdom teeth removal procedure as you can disrupt the stitches of the sensitive area. However, after 24 hours, you can gently rinse your mouth using only warm salt water and brush your teeth carefully. You must avoid the area where your teeth have been removed and take special care of your stitches if you have any. It is also best to avoid mouthwashes for at least 2 weeks after surgery.
How much wisdom teeth removal cost?

On average, wisdom teeth removal procedures usually cost between $225-$375 per tooth. However, pricing is dependent on the complexity of your case. Simple extraction procedures will cost less whereas more complicated removal procedures that require stitches and the breaking of the wisdom teeth before extraction will cost more. For more information on pricing and how complicated your wisdom teeth removal surgery may be, contact our team of dentists today.

How to reduce swelling from wisdom teeth removal?
There are a few things that you can do to reduce the swelling after wisdom teeth removal surgery. This includes applying an ice pack or cold compress to the swollen area, sucking on ice chips to reduce irritation, and even taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. However, the best solution to swelling is time. Gradually, your swelling will naturally go down over time.

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