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Dental Implants Consultation Collingwood with ProSmiles

In the pursuit of great dentistry, our commitment to guide you throughout every step of your dental health treatment plan is at the heart of our clinical ethos. We take a thorough, attentive approach from initial dental implant consultation right through to treatment and our after care and maintenance services. As part of our commitment to you, we invite you to a comprehensive consultation with intraoral radiography (X-rays) and assessment by our principal dentist Dr.Madhur Shiralkar.

Dental Implant Consultation in Melbourne: Your Detailed Oral Assessment

At ProSmiles we pride ourselves on delivering a personalised service to every patient. Dr.Madhur our principle dentist will perform a thorough oral examination that assesses the health of your gums, teeth and bite, and may recommend a 3D bone density scan as part of your pre-implantation assessment. If the scan should reveal reduced bone volume, it will determine whether a bone graft procedure is necessary beforehand, or whether it can be performed during the implant placement procedure.

X-Rays and Scans

During the course of your consultation, our dentist may recommend that you undergo a dental x-ray. You may also be referred for a CT (Computer Tomography) scan. On receipt of the results Dr.Madhur will perform a comprehensive review of the scans/x-rays in order to evaluate the precise placement of your dental implants.

In full consultation, our experienced and attentive dental team will personally customise your dental implant treatment plan to reflect your needs and complement your lifestyle. Allow ProSmiles implants to provide stability and confidence, enhance chewing force, preserve bone and reduce gum tissue loss – effectively improving your quality of life.

Reviewing your Implant Options

  • Upon a comprehensive assessment of all examination results, Dr.Madhur will detail the implant procedure most suited to your individual circumstances, while exceeding your optimal oral health expectations and goals.
  • A preferred alternative to older, more traditional methods of tooth replacement such as fixed bridges and dentures, dental implants are revolutionising the dental implant field with its ever evolving technology.
  • Do you require complete tooth replacement? From a single tooth to multiple missing teeth, dental implants are a viable, effective solution. Choose from single implants, dental implant bridges, dentures supported by implants and All on 4 implants, we will advise on all options available to you.

Enhance your appearance with dental implants from Melbourne’s leading dental clinic ProSmiles. Improve your oral health and overall wellbeing with a comprehensive assessment, where our qualified dentists can advise of the most suitable dental implant treatment plan for you.

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