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What To Expect On Your First Dental Appointment

Visiting a dentist for your first oral exam can prove quite a challenge for both adults and children alike. At ProSmiles our team of professional and highly skilled dentists will alleviate any misgivings by fully informing you of your options and the processes involved in any treatment plan recommended.
Our commitment to a stress and anxiety free environment will ensure we tailor your visit to your specific needs, acknowledging any concerns with an open and transparent approach. The ProSmiles first examination involves a comprehensive holistic assessment that may involve various elements, to provide a complete dental health plan.

First Assessments with ProSmiles

From systematic health issues to heart disease and sleep apnoea, your dental assessment not only offers periodontal maintenance and prevention but will also contribute to your overall well-being and good health.

Complete Health History: Prior to your exam we may request that you complete a detailed health history. This will allow us to identify any pre-existing conditions that may influence your treatment plan, allowing ProSmiles to become an integrated member of your holistic health care team.

X-Rays: We may conduct x-rays to evaluate tooth and jaw development and bone health.

Dental Hygiene: From offering flossing tips to toothpaste recommendations, your dental hygiene is our concern. Our dental hygienist may offer a clean and scale to ensure optimal dental health.

Dental Exam:Our experienced dentists will undertake a thorough and holistic evaluation of your teeth and gums, answer all queries you may have and recommend any immediate or future treatments necessary. We aim to maintain and preserve your oral health and general sense of well-being. This evaluation will also take into consideration your complete health history.

Preventative Health Recommendations: After your comprehensive assessment, we may recommend preventative measures such as sealants to prevent cavities and orthodontic care options. From Myobrace to Invisalign and our selection of advanced dental implantoptions, we have a smile solution for all ages.

Schedule Appointments with ProSmiles

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