Wearing a mouth guard when taking part in any high-impact sport is very important, however, despite all precautions, there are many sports injuries that can lead to serious damage to your mouth. If you have just broken a tooth in a serious sports injury, you should go to a dentist Collingwood right away. Broken or damaged teeth can seriously affect your appearance.

Your Options

One of the only options available to you is to look for dental implants in Melbourne. Cracked or fractured teeth can also cause serious harm to other teeth in the denture, which is why the only option is to remove the tooth. Once the tooth has been removed, the dentist will recommend you get an implant installed. Contrary to what most people think, dental implants in Melbourne are installed in the gum line; the crown is the part that lies above the gum line. The dentist will discuss your options and provide you with details about how the procedure will work.

Installation Process

After a sports injury, your dentist will clean out the area, remove your fractured tooth, and then take measurements for creating the implant. Once the implant has been made, the dentist will call you to the clinic. The implant is installed in the jawbone after drilling. It has a screw-on top that allows for installing the crown in the denture. Specific measurements are taken by the dentist for manufacturing the crown and then installing it in the denture. Obviously, you will experience some discomfort in your teeth afterwards, so it will take a little while to adjust to the new denture. To learn more about dental implants in Melbourne, contact us.

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