Sleep apnea is a condition in which there is a temporary cessation of breath during sleep. It is a condition seen in millions of people around the globe, most of whom are overweight. The reason being that they felt tired during the day they are drawn towards a high-fat diet, and because they eat a high-fat diet they were more likely to feel sleepy during the day. It’s long been suspected that a diet rich in carbohydrates and fat can adversely affect sleeping patterns.

Other research said that not getting enough sleep affects cholesterol level. Thus, there’s a link between heart diseases and lack of sleep. It has become evident that poor sleep or lack of sleep may lead to a slowing of the metabolism and is linked to getting fat and worse – even causing obesity – and is also linked to cardiovascular diseases. This is an issue that our holistic dentist in Melbourne wants to help you combat.

Food that worsens sleep apnea

1. Bananas, though a valuable source of fibre and nutrients, may increase mucus production and increase breathing problems associated with sleep apnea.

2. High-fat dairy products, such as full-fat milk, heavy cream and high-fat cheese, trigger or worsen mucus production. As rich sources of saturated fat, whole milk products may also increase your risk for sleep apnea related health risks, such as heart disease. Limit or avoid high-fat dairy products and foods and beverages prepared with high-fat dairy products, such as cheese-topped pizza, full-fat lattes, cheesecake, ice cream, nachos, butter, and more.

3. Refined carbohydrates. These foods are high in added sugars, such as sweetened beverages, sugar cane juice, corn syrup, or enriched flour. Unlike complex varieties, such as whole grains and starchy vegetables, refined carbohydrates contribute calories but relatively few dietary benefits to your diet. As these high-glycemic foods disrupt your blood sugar and energy levels, these factors may contribute to weight gain and increase your risk for sleep apnea symptoms. Avoid processed snack foods, candy, regular soft drinks, cakes, cookies, pie, frozen desserts, jelly, jam, and heavily sweetened cereals. When purchasing pasta, bread, cereals, and rice, check food packaging while purchasing to ensure that whole grains, rather than “enriched” grains or flour, as a listed main ingredient.


Apart from not smoking and reducing alcohol, our holistic dentist in Melbourne recommends you make sure you intake a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Replace your high-fat dairy food with low fat that is rich in vitamin D and minerals.

Switch butter and margarine with healthier options like olive oil, canola, sunflower, flaxseed, and other plant-based oils. Replace high-fat meat with cold water fishes like salmon to maintain good heart health, curb apnea, and live a healthy lifestyle.

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