Finding The Perfect Smile With Digital Smile Analysis

What is a perfect smile? An easy answer would be one that matches the face. Another answer would be natural looking teeth. Perhaps it is a smile makeover that is perfectly symmetrical, perfectly white. Or a combination of all of these things. It can sometimes be hard to imagine the end result with cosmetic dentistry. The reasons for getting cosmetic work differ greatly. Some people do it for confidence, others to improve their smile. People need it done for work, while others go to the dentist to return the smile to what it once was. And with so many reasons for getting dental work, it’s easy to see that the end results differ too. Every face is different and so is every dental solution. And in realizing this, Melbourne based Prosmiles adopted advanced technologies to ensure that both the dentist and the patient were on the same page in terms of that perfect smile. Enabling patients to see their future smile today with Digital Smile Analysis.

What is Digital Smile Analysis?

Digital Smile Analysis is a revolutionary new way for dentists to consult with their patients before any procedures commence. As Prosmiles explain it, the technology provides your “smile solution through digital simulation”. It greatly improves communication so both you and your dentist understand exactly how the end result will look. It can serve both as a great boost in self esteem as well as help you to understand the difference, and how much of an impact the difference will have in your life. The largest benefit though, is being able to see the change before any procedure has begun. Where Prosmiles defines themselves is by offering every possible solution available to you. Not just that which is most costly. Can I get Digital Smile Analysis in Melbourne? If you have discoloured or misaligned, broken or cracked teeth, consult with Prosmiles today by calling (03) 9417 6355. They can help you give your desired smile. Digital Smile Analysis can even be used for implant dentistry, All on 4 and, porcelain crowns and veneers. With Dentist Collingwood, Contact Prosmiles today.

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