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Our teeth serve many purposes. From the ability to chew to assisting speech, and when we smile, they help to evoke our positivity. But lose a tooth, or become edentulous (toothless), and what you can no longer do, becomes glaringly apparent. From not being able to eat your favourite foods, difficulty in speaking, and the fear of smiling which is horrible in concept form alone. Fortunately, losing a tooth isn’t the end. And there are several options available to bring back the confident smile. Dentist Collingwood considers a couple of options for people looking to get teeth replacement treatments.

Single Dental Implants

An affordable dental implants option, oft preferred overdentures as a permanent and natural-looking solution. Dental implants are artificial tooth affixed by a titanium screw into the upper or lower jaw. Sometimes also done in multiples which is dependent on the location of missing teeth, dental implants look and function like regular teeth.

All on 4 Implants

All on 4 implants work in a very similar way to single implants but are designed for cases where multiple teeth are missing from the front arches of the jaw. Where they differ is that instead of having a screw per tooth like single implants, All on 4 is supported by only four titanium screws. Two of which are placed in the front of the arch, with two in the back of the jaw angled at 45˚ for better stability.

Why teeth replacement?

Unlike dentures, there is no messy adhesive, nor shifting around in the mouth while talking or eating. But the impact of not having to choose what you are eating, to be able to talk freely and to smile without fear you’re showing any flaw, is a good reason to at least consult a dentist, regarding the alternative.

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