Many children naturally have crooked teeth and jaws that have developed incorrectly, which thankfully can be diagnosed by your dentist as early as four years old. Myobrace, the no-brace teeth alignment solution for children can be started as early as six to start the positioning process while your child’s teeth are still developing. ProSmiles aim to not just inspect the surface of your child’s teeth, but also identify any possible causes for crooked teeth, poor oral habits, and poor facial development. This holistic and preventative treatment is most effective if started before the child’s permanent teeth begin to erupt, and it may make it unnecessary for your child to need braces in the future. The benefits of this treatment Myobrace trainers combat the underlying causes of crooked teeth and poorly developed jaws. This often stems from bad oral habits, also known as myofunctional habits, your child may have, including tongue thrusting, reverse swallowing, and thumb sucking. Braces and tooth extractions are great treatments as well, but unlike Myobrace trainers, they do not address these myofunctional habits. Stopping these habits at an early age will help the teeth to align correctly and improve the jaw growth. Our Myobrace children’s teeth straightening treatment gently twists and rotates your child’s teeth into their ideal position, which is like how braces work. Myobrace also corrects any habits your child may have that hinders the development of the jaw, and will make it much easier for your child to breathe through their nose, relax their face and oral muscles, and improve facial development dental alignment. Give your child a great smile If your child ‘s teeth need assessment, then please contact ProSmiles today at (03) 9417 6355 to book an appointment at either our Dentist Collingwood We specialise in orthodontic preventative treatments for children.          

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