Children go through some of the most critical stages of oral change growth and development as they grow up. KidsThey experiences the rapid development of jawbones and gums during the early ages, and they start to lose. They also lose their milk teeth and start to have their experience in the eruption and development of permanent teeth grow from the age of six.

When children’s dental care and health is deeply connected to their overall health, every parent should place a great deal of giving importance to the oral health of their children. Do you know that the lack of dental health can lead to many critical health conditions such as stroke, heart disease and, diabetes,  and Alzheimer’s disease later in life?

By achieving proper dental health for your children, you also ensure their overall health and development. All parents Do you want to see happy smiles on the face of your children, and? with some tips and tricks, you can ensure excellent dental health for your kids that they can carry with them into adulthood.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Various dental associations around the world, including the Australian Dental Association (ADA), recommend the parents to use of fluoridated toothpaste to ensure the kids’ oral health. According to them, parents should start brushing their children’s teeth at around 18 months. as soon as they see the first tooth eruption of their children. The use of fluoridated toothpaste reduces the high number of tooth decay in young children.

Dentists confirm that many children, even at the age of 2, need extensive cavity repair using general anesthesia in recent years. The primary reasons for tooth decay are the changed food habits and the lack of proper dental care for children.

The AIWH, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, reports that almost 42 percent of all children in Australia aged between 5-10 struggle with tooth decay in their baby teeth. It is identified that tooth decay is one of the most common childhood diseases, and it has some more severe consequences than what you think.

It can affect your child’s capacity to eat, speak, sleep, and learn and, can take their attention away from their learning from studies. The use of fluoride toothpaste can effectively remineralise their teeth and stop or reduce the rate of tooth decay.

Brush Twice A Day

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Besides the use of fluoride toothpaste, it is also important to teach your kids to brush properly. As one of the primary dental tips, you should teach them to brush every inch of their gums and teeth twice a day. Proper brushing can remove plaque build-up and save them tooth decay.

From 18 months, you can get them into the habit of brushing with non-fluoride toothpaste.   brush your children using fluoride toothpaste. You can make your child sit on your lap or stand behind them, tilt their head back against you to see their teeth and gums completely– whatever works. .

Brush their teeth in gentle circles and clean the outer sides of their teeth and gums first. Repeat the same for the inner sides of the teeth and gums as well. Brush back and forth on the surfaces of their teeth. Finally, ask your child to spit out the toothpaste and get them into a habit of not swallowing.

For children less than two years old, you can use a toothpaste size of less than a pea-size. A pea-size amount is ideal for children between the age of 2-5. From the age of 5, you can encourage your children to brush themselves. However, you should routinely check the teeth of your children to see if they are missing out on some areas of the mouth.

Also, make sure that your children brush their teeth long enough, not for a few seconds. Let your children know the importance of proper brushing and encourage them to brush for at least two minutes for efficient cleaning.

Early And Regular Visits To Dentist

It is recommended to take your child to a dentist before their first birthday. The dentist can analyse the teeth, gums, and jaws of your child and take the necessary steps to ensure the proper growth and development.

Do you know that the development of permanent teeth can only happen if you with the proper development of gums and jaws are doing what they are meant to?

Regular dental visits in the initial years can help your child to get a healthy and properly developed mouth. The early preventive dental care for children also helps you to reduce the dental costs by 40 percent, compared to the parents who consult with dentists after the age of five. of their children, a CDC report says.

The dentists can identify the early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and any other oral issues and help you to get the right treatment options for your child. Like every adult, children also need two c a visits per year.

Do you know the Regular dentist visits help your children to be serious about their oral health from their early years. Once a regular dental routine is in place, it becomes just another part of life and It can help kids maintain good habits into adulthood.

Floss Daily

While most adults floss once a day, many adults think that children do not need flossing. Regardless of the age of children, they should do flossing as soon as their teeth start touching each other.

No matter how effectively you brush your kid’s teeth, food may get stuck between teeth and lead to plaque build-up. Many kids disposable dental flossers are available on the market, and we recommend to start teaching your child to floss themselves after the age of five.

Kids dental tips

Limit Sugar Intake

Saying no to sugary foods and drinks is not easy for children (or adults for that matter). However, you can control the quantity of intake using some smart strategies. Replace the sugary drinks and snacks with healthy alternatives, like fruits, crackers, cheese, and water. Not only is it good for your overall health, but your kids will also thank you when their teeth are strong and healthy.

When your kids do inevitably get their hands on lollies and sweets, make sure that they floss and brush before ending their day.

Healthy Meals

Choosing foods that can supplement the growth and development of your children’s teeth and gums are critical for their oral health. Their diets should have foods that supply calcium for the growth and development of teeth. Milk, cheese, yoghurt, and leafy vegetables can provide sufficient supply of calcium for your children.

The supply of Vitamin C can promote the health and development of the gums of children and help them quickly recover from any damage. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to bleeding of gums as well as loss of teeth. Include strawberries, oranges, and other fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin C to the daily diet of your children.

High-fibre foods and food products that need a lot of chewing can enhance the oral health of your children. The chewing improves the production of saliva, and these food items scrub the teeth of your children, remove the residues, and clean the mouth. Leafy vegetables, beans, and carrot are excellent choices to improve the dental health of your children.

Use Mouth Guard While Playing Contact Sports

Children who participate in contact sports and activities have high chances of dental injuries. Do your children play any games or activities that can result in a visit to the dentist?

While it’s important for kids to be active and participate, they should wear a mouth guard to protect their pearly whites. Custom fitted mouth guards are available on the market. You can also consult with your dentists to help make sure you choose the right mouth guard for your children.

A mouth guard is mandatory for children who play rugby union, AFL, rugby league, boxing, and hockey to avoid dental trauma. It is also recommended for even non-contact sports such as netball, basketball, cricket, soccer, and touch football.

Final Thoughts

While teaching your children to follow good practices for dental health, you should also make brushing and flossing fun. You can lead them by example and let them know how you care for your teeth and gums or offer rewards for great oral habits. Teach them oral health is the door to overall health.

Get Holistic Dental Care For Your Children

Don’t skip early and regular dental visits for your children. Your dentist will give holistic information about the health condition of your children’s teeth, gums, and jaws.
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