There are many reasons for tooth pain occurring, and the level of pain experienced can vary as well. Pain will usually be occurring because the nerves that are attached to your tooth are reacting to a stimulus that indicates something is wrong. More serious pain may require more active responses from a dentist Collingwood. It is possible to require tooth removal for root canal work, and you are then able to consider affordable teeth replacement from a skilled professional. Ten of the reasons for tooth pain have been listed below:


One of the major problems that occur with teeth is cavities. There are bacteria in your mouth that will take advantage of food fragments and as they feed they release acid that causes decay. This decay can create holes in your teeth and then exposure of the nerve which will lead to pain and problems.

Damaged Enamel

Over time, if you have a lot of foods with high levels of acid, then this is able to cause some erosion of the enamel of your teeth. In addition, if you suffer from reflux, the acid from your stomach coming into your mouth is able to have the same effect. With the loss of your enamel, there is potential for other problems that will cause tooth pain.


At times, the gums may be affected if teeth are being brushed too vigorously or if a toothbrush that is too firm is being used. As the gums draw back from the teeth, they can be affected by bacteria and they may even expose the sensitive root of the tooth.

Dental Work

If you have had dental work then it is possible there will be some swelling, inflammation, or sensitivity. This should always be explained to you by your dentist. There is the possibility of infection associated with some procedures, so it is important to monitor this pain carefully. Usually, it should subside quickly as your mouth heals.

Damaged or Lost Fillings

A filling is used where there has been a cavity and will be providing protection to your tooth from exposure to bacteria. If the filling is damaged or lost, then there is no longer that protection and the nerve could be exposed.

Damaged tooth

It is possible for teeth to be damaged as a result of an incident or it may occur over time. If the tooth becomes cracked or chipped, then it is possible for bacteria to get into the protected area of your tooth. This means that your nerve is again exposed and may be affected by the bacteria. A damaged tooth may need to be removed; however, there are affordable teeth replacement methods available.

Gum Disease

If plaque is allowed to build up along the gum line, there is potential for inflammation in this area. This inflammation can worsen and spread, potentially then affecting the root of your tooth. In serious cases, this can become an infection that can have much more serious impacts.

Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess occurs as a result of an infection. It is usually filled with fluid and there is associated inflammation and sensitivity. It is able to occur near the root of the tooth or on the gum beside the tooth. This needs to be treated to prevent further problems associated with the infection.

Tooth Grinding and Jaw Clenching

Either of these may initially cause sensitivity in the teeth and over time there is likely to be some detrimental effects on the structure of the teeth. This could even lead to tooth damage, such as cracking or chipping that will enable bacteria to gain access to the sensitive interior of the tooth.

Other Pain

It is possible that pain in the jaw or sinuses could be causing some sensation of pain in the teeth. In addition, if you are already experiencing pain in one tooth, there may be pain referral that makes it feel like the pain is also occurring in another tooth nearby.

Look after your teeth

Whatever pain you are experiencing in your teeth, it is important to get them checked. If the problem is serious and a tooth must be removed there are affordable teeth replacement options. There may be potential problems that are able to be simply resolved or there may need to be a more careful assessment done related to problems with infection.

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