Do you need to visit a dentist in Melbourne? Call us to arrange an initial consultation at ProSmiles.  We are a family friendly dentist in Camberwell offering a complete range of dental services, including cosmetic, general, family and holistic centric dentistry treatments.

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Finding time for dental check-ups in our busy lives

Finding the time in our busy lives to schedule regular visits to the dentist can be challenging.  We can fall into the practice of only going to the dentist when we are experiencing some discomfort or are in pain.  This is a costly way to look after your teeth.

Because of our convenient location in leafy Camberwell, you can schedule a visit at ProSmiles that does not intrude on your working life.  Scheduling your dental appointments on your lunch break or during business hours works well for a lot of people.  We are all busy and it’s easy to overlook fundamental, preventative health care checks.

Dental appointments that occur during your work hours won’t encroach on your family or leisure time.

Initial consultation – what to expect

At your initial consultation we, conduct a thorough assessment of your dental health.  We check your teeth and gums for decay and any signs of gum disease.

We assess the health of your gums and thoroughly check for any signs of plaque build-up.  We check existing fillings for signs of wear and tear and appraise the state of any existing dentures or veneers.  We will clean your teeth thoroughly and discuss any concerns you have.

The on-going benefits of a beautiful smile

Regular dental visits and check-ups are essential for caring adequately for your teeth.  A clean, bright and healthy smile cultivates pride and confidence.  Once you have beautiful teeth we find that patients are really motivated to maintain them.  They establish excellent regular brushing and flossing habits which perpetuates the health of their teeth.

Our dentists will support you to establish good dental health.  Let us know if you’d like to achieve a whiter and brighter smile.  You may have already tried teeth whitening at home but became disillusioned when your at-home tooth-whitening kit didn’t do what it promised.  Professional teeth whitening treatments are much more powerful and use the latest technology to achieve brilliant white teeth.

Importance of a preventative dental care

Preventative dental care saves a lot of pain and cost.  Looking after your teeth throughout the journey of your life can avoid the need for dentures as you get older.  Dentures perform differently to your natural teeth.  They can’t get the bite strength that your natural teeth can.  People with dentures often speak of regret at not having looked after their teeth.  They find that dentures change their approach to eating.  They start to choose foods that are easily chewable and they may also complain of slipping dentures.

Schedule regular appointments to maintain your beautiful smile and good dental health.

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