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Teeth Whitening Melbourne

  • Zoom teeth whitening for only $399
  • Call now for your free 15 minute teeth whitening consultation

Enhance Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

  • Are your teeth discoloured? Having a bright, brilliant smile can be achieved with tooth whitening. Who doesn’t want a healthy, dazzling smile?
  • Professional teeth whitening by a dentist, when done right can help you achieve a beautifully bright smile that supports self-confidence and esteem.

Teeth Whitening Treatments at ProSmiles, Melbourne

Ageing and persisting stains from foods such as coffee, tea and red wine can make your teeth look dark, discoloured and dull.

At ProSmiles, Melbourne, we offer safe, non-invasive and affordable teeth whitening treatments to restore the natural colour and appearance of your teeth.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Melbourne

At ProSmiles, we offer trusted zoom in-chair teeth whitening options.

  • Safe and affordable, zoom whitening Melbourne for only $399
  • Zoom teeth whitening gives instant whitening results which can then be maintained with our take home whitening trays
  • An ideal teeth whitening option for people who are time poor

Choose ProSmiles for Zoom Teeth Whitening Melbourne

At ProSmiles, we undertake a thorough and detailed approach to your teeth whitening treatments.

  • Free 15 minutes teeth whitening consultation
  • Our experienced dentist will assess clean and remove any stains from your teeth
  • We ensure your teeth are decay free before your teeth whitening procedure
  • We are the affordable dentist in Melbourne offering Zoom Teeth Whitening for only $399

Take Home Teeth Whitening

At ProSmiles, Melbourne, we also offer quality take-home teeth whitening products. Our team will make a custom-made tray specific to you, to hold the bleaching solution over your teeth.

  • Can be used on its own or as a top-up after your zoom teeth whitening
  • May take a week or two for a noticeably whiter smile
  • Affordable take-home teeth whitening in Melbourne for only $199

Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth whitening that delivers instant results!

It’s pretty simple!

  • When you visit ProSmiles Dental for teeth whitening, our experienced dentist will first make sure that your teeth are clean and gums healthy.
  • We will then apply a special zoom gel which is activated by the zoom LED light.
  • Depending on your comfort, we perform up to 4×15 minute teeth whitening sessions, while you relax and listen to music of your choice.
Sleep Dentistry Melbourne
Radiant Smile Transformation
Sleep & Sedation Dentistry
Advanced, Effective and Safe LED Teeth Whitening
For a Beautiful, Healthy and Statement Making Smile

Affordable Teeth Whitening Collingwood

Melbourne’s preferred teeth whitening specialists, ProSmiles, use industry specific technologies that are cost effective and offer beautifully white teeth to be envied. The consumption of wine, tea, and coffee may lead to a penetration of the enamel and negatively impact the colour of your dentin. At ProSmiles, we assess your lifestyle, health, and diet to help guide you towards a smile that exudes confidence, health, and success. At our state of the art clinic in Collingwood we offer both take-home and in-chair whitening to accommodate your preference and circumstance.

Advanced Technology Producing Quality Solutions

  • Effective LED teeth whitening which produces vibrant pearly whites
  • Immediate results with quality after care
  • LED in-chair whitening
  • Take home whitening option
  • Internal bleaching for teeth discolouration
  • Lightens enamel and discoloured dentin

Brilliant White Teeth That Demand Attention

For more noticeable results, we recommend that you book your scale and clean before proceeding with your teeth whitening treatment. We will assess, clean, and remove any stains while ensuring your teeth are free of decay before carrying out your teeth whitening procedure.

We are committed to offering our patients only premium quality whitening products. These products are market leading and have been used successfully on millions of patients worldwide, delivering results up to 8 shades lighter. While cheaper teeth whitening treatments may cost less, they may adversely affect your teeth and gums. However, our teeth whitening treatments of choice protect teeth enamel and enhance your overall oral hygiene.

Premium Quality Teeth Whitening Treatments

From a Hollywood smile to a natural looking radiance, our selection of teeth whitening treatments will restore natural looking colour and for those who opt for optimal whitening, a brilliant whiter than white smile. At ProSmiles, we employ three approaches, they are:

Vital Approach

A more common approach that involves a bleaching process directly applied to the tooth surface. This approach involves treating only living teeth.

Non-Vital Approach

We can also successfully treat patients who have experienced discolouration due to pulpal tissue death which has required a root canal treatment. This approach involves a tooth that is no longer living.

Composite Approach

This is a combined solution where we treat both living and non-living teeth simultaneously.

Experience our Teeth Whitening in Melbourne for Optimal Results

In Chair Whitening

At ProSmiles we use a state of the art LED teeth whitening system that emits a special light, expertly bleaching your teeth with precision. Achieving noticeable results in an hour, our in-chair whitening treatment is an ideal solution for the time poor professional.

Take-Home Whitening Products for Home Use

Our take-home tooth whitening products feature a custom fitted tray which is worn over your teeth while you sleep. With a carefully chosen bleaching solution, you can whiten at your leisure or schedule an appointment for a follow up with our in-chair whitening procedure after a few months

Teeth Whitening Melbourne with ProSmiles

Prices may be subject to variation. For BUPA, Medibank, and AHM members we adhere to the recommended fee schedule to maximise your rebate.

  • In-Chair: $399.00
  • Take-Home: $240.00

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