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We provide dental services to Fitzroy locals and you can be confident that you will be treated by a highly qualified, skilled, and capable fitzroy dentist.

Fitzroy is a very active place with a well-earned reputation for bohemian lifestyles and is known for being one of the best places in Melbourne to find both the very cool and the very unusual with its eclectic mix of shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants. Interestingly, it is also one of the oldest suburbs of Melbourne.

It is located in the north-eastern region of the inner-city and is around three kilometres from the CBD. Although it is not served by trains, it still has excellent bus and tram services. Being so close to the CBD it is an easy commute each weekday as well. If you are living in Fitzroy and you are looking for dental services, then contact ProSmiles.

At ProSmiles in Fitzroy, we have invested in new technology and the ongoing professional development of our fitzroy dentists to ensure our services remain at the leading edge of dentistry.

Our focus is on educating and informing you to help you assess your dental treatment options openly and transparently. Our holistic approach recognises the synergy between your oral health and overall well-being. As a result, we can provide you with the highest quality of care with general dentistry services, such as teeth whitening, that will meet your needs and more advanced specialist procedures, including revolutionary dental implant options. Visit our fitzroy dental clinic today and experience the difference for yourself.

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    Cosmetic Dentist

    At ProSmiles, our cosmetic dentistry services in fitzroy are smile-transforming and will leave you with an aesthetically pleasing set of teeth. We aim to help patients form healthy smiles that allow them to stay positive and confident. We understand that an overly damaged smile, such as crooked or cracked teeth, can be unappealing and lead to various insecurities. Hence, with cosmetic dentistry from ProSmiles, you’ll be showing off your glowing smile in no time. 

    We utilise the latest technology and the most innovative procedures to seamlessly transform the look of your teeth and restore the natural beauty of your smile. With our years of experience in the industry, there is no smile too complicated for us to transform. Discover our range of cosmetic dentistry treatments, including: 

    Have a chat with our cosmetic dentists today about your functional or aesthetic issues. Our fitzroy dentist team will create a customised plan that targets areas of concern and will use this to transform your smile. Hence, when you’re dreaming of a new and improved smile, we’re the team for the job.

    Emergency Dentist

    Dental emergencies are often unexpected and stressful to deal with. However, ensuring that you are connected to a high-quality dental clinic within your Fitzroy area can be the difference between saving your oral health from further damage or facing complications down the track. Hence, at ProSmiles, we provide emergency dental care to all locals.

    At ProSmiles, our emergency dentists in fitzroy are highly trained and understand how to rectify even the most complicated dental situations. We have mastered dentistry services and provide the most efficient treatments whenever needed. Hence, we will ensure that your dental health does not deteriorate further. 

    Dental emergencies you may encounter include: 

    • A tooth abscess
    • Infected gums
    • Broken teeth 
    • Wisdom teeth pain 
    • Knocked-out or chipped tooth

    If you happen to experience any of these concerns, you will need to contact an emergency dentist in fitzroy urgently. At ProSmiles, we always put our patients first and do our best to care for their dental health. For more information, have a chat with our fitzroy emergency dentists today.


    Are you tired of dealing with crooked, chipped, or damaged teeth? At ProSmiles, we utilise veneers as a simple yet effective solution. With our high-quality veneers treatment, our fitzroy dentists can seamlessly transform the look of your smile and help you attain a set of teeth you’ll love. ProSmiles offers two types of veneers – each providing the same benefits but using different application methods. 

    Porcelain Veneers 

    Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin shells attached to the surface of your original teeth. These shells will rectify your aesthetic issues by transforming the overall look of your smile. Porcelain veneers are perfect for addressing various dental concerns and solving these issues with just one treatment. At ProSmiles, your porcelain veneers will be customised to fit the shape of your teeth for permanent transformation. 

    Porcelain veneers are: 

    • Incredibly durable 
    • Stain-resistant
    • Last for years 

    Although porcelain veneers are considered more expensive than traditional resin veneers, they are created from a stronger material and last longer. Hence, for a solution you can count on, choose porcelain veneers treatment from Fitzroy dental clinic today. 

    Composite Veneers 

    Are you looking for more affordable veneers in Fitzroy? Get the same great results for less when choosing composite veneers from ProSmiles. Designed from resin material, composite veneers will actively repair and restructure your teeth to create an attractive smile. In addition, resin veneers use composite bonding methods to restore the natural appearance of your teeth and help your smile to shine. 

    Dental Implants

    Are you missing some of your teeth? Often, missing teeth can hinder our sense of confidence and stop us from smiling freely. At ProSmiles, we offer dental implants as a permanent and efficient solution. Our dental implants clinic in Fitzroy will restore the functionality of your smile while enhancing its visual appeal. For a long-term solution, opt for dental implants today. 

    All-On-4 Dental Implants 

    If you’re missing all your teeth, then choosing All-On-4 dental implants in fitzroy is an ideal solution. This is a complete restoration procedure that will utilise advanced technology to help you attain a whole new set of teeth. With the addition of just four dental implants, you’ll finally have your dream smile. 


    Are you looking for a way to get straighter teeth that doesn’t involve traditional metal braces? At ProSmiles, we offer Invisalign treatment in fitzroy. This procedure consists of wearing different sets of clear aligners which will gently push your teeth into the correct position. Hence, you will be able to avoid unnecessary brackets and wires. With Invisalign, you’ll gain a straighter set of teeth in just 18 months. Talk to us today for more information about the Invisalign treatment in Fitzroy.

    Our Dental Services in Fitzroy

    We have invested in new technology and the ongoing professional development of our dentists in Fitzroy to ensure our services remain at the leading edge of dentistry.

    At all times, we work very closely with our clients. We recognise that any decision you make about oral health and your teeth is important.

    Our focus is on educating and informing you to help you assess your dental treatment options in an open and transparent manner. Our holistic approach recognises the synergy between your oral health and your overall wellbeing.

    We can provide you with the highest quality of care with general dentistry services, such as teeth whitening, that will meet your needs as well as more advanced specialist procedures including revolutionary dental implant options.

    ProSmiles are also available to provide you with dental implants, fillings, Invisalign, sleep dentistry, braces, All on 4wisdom teeth removal, repairing teeth, crowns, and much more. Contact us at our dentist Fitzroy for more information.


    What types of payment are accepted at your clinic near Fitzroy?

    At ProSmiles, we accept all forms of payment, including cash and card. In addition, we are approved by many health insurances that can help you pay for your dental treatments. Talk to us today for more information on your payment options. 

    What sort of orthodontics do you provide near Fitzroy?

    Our dental clinic offers many types of orthodontic procedures to our patients. This includes innovative procedures such as Invisalign and traditional methods like metal braces. Our dentists will conduct a one-on-one consultation session where we will evaluate your oral health and find the perfect orthodontic option for you. 

    Why should I pick you as my Fitzroy dentist of choice?

    ProSmiles is a professional dental clinic with a team that includes many experienced dentists and oral health experts. We have transformed many smiles in the past and are always ready to find a solution for even the most complicated dental cases. We will work hard to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your teeth.

    Do you provide emergency treatment for patients from Fitzroy?

    Yes. At ProSmiles, we are emergency dentists who provide the very best emergency dental care. We can tend to all unexpected situations, including a chipped or knocked-out tooth. Our team will aim to restore your set’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. 


    Do you offer teeth whitening treatments for Fitzroy patients?

    Yes. Get the brighter, whiter smile you’ve always wanted with teeth whitening treatments from ProSmiles. We believe that every smile should be shown off. Therefore, with our cleaning and whitening procedures, you’ll attain your dream smile in no time.

    Do you provide dental implants for Fitzroy patients?

    Are you struggling with missing teeth? ProSmiles offers dental implants for complete replacement and restoration purposes. If you’re missing teeth and struggling with your set’s functionality, then dental implants may be the perfect solution. Our dental clinic also provides All-On-4 dental implants for complete mouth restoration.

    What insurances do you accept?

    At ProSmiles, we accept all common health insurance funds, including Bupa, Medibank, and more. It is important that you understand which dental treatments are covered by your health insurance fund before undertaking any procedures.

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