Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy helps to save a tooth which has an inflamed or dying nerve.

Save Your Tooth With Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure typically done over 1-3 visits where an infected or an inflamed nerve is cleaned out of a tooth and replaced with a filling.

What causes a tooth nerve to become inflamed or infected?

  • A deep decay close to the nerve
  • Crack in the tooth
  • A tooth that has gum disease
  • Trauma to the tooth



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What will I feel if I have an infected tooth?

A lot of the time, tooth infections go unnoticed without obvious signs. However, for some an infected tooth can be quite debilitating causing:

  • Severe throbbing pain
  • Pain that increases at night or when lying down
  • You may notice a gum boil
  • Pus discharge and bad taste
  • Swollen glands and face
  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold foods

The latest technology for safe and predictable root canal treatment

Here at Prosmiles Dental in Melbourne, we perform your root canal procedure with the latest technology. Usually root canal therapy is carried out in 1-3 visits. If a tooth has a persistent infection or the root canals are difficult to clean, it may warrant extra time and visits.

Visit 1: The aim is to get you out of pain and drain the abscess. We clean out the decay, place a secure filling on the tooth and drain the inflamed or infected nerve. An antibiotic paste is placed in the nerve canal to calm the nerve.

Visit 2: The aim of this visit is to fully clean the infected nerve from all the roots. All the root canals and thoroughly cleaned and antibiotic dressing placed.

Visit 3: The aim of this visit is to fill the root canals with a special rubber like material. Once the roots are filled, the tooth is filled with a base filling or core filling to support the future crown.

Once the root canal treated tooth is settled, a crown may be recommended to protect the tooth against fracture.

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