Is Cosmetic Dentistry For Me?

People struggle with a wide range of dental issues, ranging from issues that affect their oral health to cosmetic dental issues. When it comes to cosmetic dental issues, they are particularly worried as that can affect their confidence and social life.

Here, we go through the treatment solutions for various cosmetic dental issues to let you decide on whether you need to go ahead with the treatments. With several years of high-quality general and cosmetic dental solutions, ProSmiles knows what treatment services can provide you with the highest possible results based on your needs.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants to present white, bright smiles to others. However, some people are unlucky to provide that due to the stains or discolouration of teeth. While you can get rid of minor discolouration with proper brushing and good dental care practices, medium or severe discolouration and stains need professional teeth whitening.

Note that a healthy tooth is not in exact white colour, but it’s yellowish-white. However, if you’re not confident with your smile or doubt that your teeth are more stained, we welcome you to ProSmiles. Our experienced dental professionals will examine your teeth and confirm the procedures to bring back a brighter smile on your face.

Based on your convenience and the need for quicker results, you can choose in-chair treatment services or at-home teeth whitening trays. While our dentists perform the former at our clinic, teeth whitening trays is the option to do teeth whitening yourself at your home comfort.

Note that in-chair treatment brings back the natural sheen of your teeth in a day, whereas at-home treatment generally gives you the results in a fortnight.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin pieces that can improve the appeal of your teeth by covering the front surfaces of your teeth. These are custom-made pieces to match the colour, shape, length, and size of your natural teeth. If you want to functionally and aesthetically appeal with your teeth, porcelain veneers are an excellent choice with quick results.

Porcelain veneers are the right cosmetic treatment choice if you’re struggling with any of the following issues:

  • Chipped, short, crooked, or heavily worn teeth
  • Heavy discolouration or stains on the teeth
  • Address gaps between teeth – especially minor and moderate gaps
  • Straighten misalignment of teeth or an uneven smile

ProSmiles offers highly durable porcelain veneers to improve the quality of life of our patients. Note that porcelain veneers are the choice for frontal teeth to bring back your beautiful smile.


Are you struggling with misaligned or crooked teeth and searching for advanced cosmetic dentistry solutions to bring back the confidence in your smile? Invisalign® is a highly popular, nearly invisible aligner that can help you to bring back the smile without using any metal braces. During the treatment, we will provide you with 18-30 aligners that you need to replace one by one every two weeks.

The treatment solution is ideal for a set of dental issues in addition to crooked or misaligned teeth. That includes the following:

  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Spaced teeth
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Overbites

Compared to braces with brackets and metal wires, Invisalign® ensures no sores in your mouth, pain, and more. However, Invisalign® is not a choice of treatment for complex teeth alignment issues. You can get excellent results in 12-18 months if you wear the dental device at least 22 hours a day regularly.

Dental Braces

These are dental devices, either metallic or non-metallic, to correct and straighten teeth alignment issues and bring back the great smile on your face. Most dental braces comprise small metal or non-metal brackets fixed to the teeth and wires connected to those brackets. These wires gently apply pressure on the teeth to put them back in the right position.

If you want to correct any of the following issues, dental braces can provide you with highly promising results:

  • To fix gaps between teeth
  • To correct underbites, overbites, crossbites, and deep bites
  • To straighten or correct misaligned, crooked, crowded teeth
  • To correct jaw alignment and gum issues

Note that braces are available in different types and designs; you can choose braces without metal wires and brackets as well. In addition to sturdy metal braces, you can choose ceramic, lingual, or clear braces at ProSmiles.

Compared to other teeth straightening options, dental braces can correct complex teeth alignment issues. Most patients can get excellent results in 1-2 years and get their quality life back.

Dental Implants

Are you struggling with tooth loss, especially a frontal tooth, and wants to bring back the smile in the most natural way? Then, dental implants are your choice to get the quality life you enjoyed earlier.

Rather than a cosmetic dentistry option, dental implants can be considered as a combination of restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. During the treatment, your dentist will fix a metal or non-metal implant – look like a screw – in place of your missing tooth. Through an invasive process, the implant is drilled into your jawbone.

Once the implant is completely fused with the jawbone, your dentist will mount a crown that exactly looks and matches your natural tooth. Therefore, you get a long-lasting, most natural-looking tooth replacement and the beautiful smile on your face.

For people struggling with significant loss of teeth or want to replace their complete array of teeth, a smart all-on-4 implant option is available. With just four implants in a row, you will get the complete smile!

Why ProSmiles?

ProSmiles is the premier cosmetic dental treatment solution provider in Melbourne with a few decades of consistent quality service. We have state-of-the-art tools and equipment to offer your accurate diagnosis and treatment solutions. At ProSmiles, we offer sleep dentistry options to ensure you painless treatment experience from us.

With our experienced dentists and trained supporting staff, you will get friendly, professional service experience from the moment you contact us. Further, we will communicate the end-to-end treatment process, the expected outcome, treatment cost, and more during the initial consultation. We are passionate to provide a seamless, transparent service experience to all our patients.

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Invasive procedures may not give the intended result beyond our best results due to risks associated with the procedures. We request you to take an independent opinion from a qualified health practitioner before going ahead with the treatment.

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