My Child Has Crooked Teeth

Myobrace is a natural aligner that applies gentle, intermittent forces on the teeth correcting position. Ideally suited to children aged between five and ten, the root of the tooth is not completely formed, and thus, it becomes easier to mould the tooth and fix into its correct position.

Correct misshapen and crooked teeth with Myobrace, an innovative early intervention treatment for children. Crooked teeth can cause a variety of issues. Addressing this as your child is growing eliminates the need for invasive treatments as they age.

Misaligned teeth may affect confidence when smiling and oral hygiene. Food remnants can get easily stuck in a young child’s teeth that are crooked, and there are likely to be gaps left behind. If children are not taught to brush and floss on a regular basis, there’s a greater chance that tartar deposits will form and solidify in the gaps left in the teeth.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Incorrect habits like mouth breathing, tongue thrusting and thumb-sucking lead to problems like crowded teeth and inappropriate jaw development. As these habits can be easily spotted in childhood, treating them before the development of all the permanent teeth can assure a child perfectly aligned teeth, without the need for braces.

Myobrace involves dealing with these poor habits, ensuring the child develops the right size jaw and has sufficient space for their teeth to grow properly. With the use of various intra-oral appliances, the Myobrace System assists in correcting poor oral habits. These appliances need to be worn overnight as well for a few hours in the day. They apply light forces that align the teeth and jaws and expand the arch-form correctly.

The type of intra-oral appliance used for treating the problem depends on the age of the child and the type of orthodontic problem. Along with this, a patient education program named Myobrace Activities is utilised to rectify the myofunctional habits further. The child is expected to perform the Activities at least two times a day in conjunction with wearing the Myobrace appliance. Activities usually include various exercises of the tongue, lip and cheek.

What Are The Stages Involved?

Myobrace treatment usually begins with correcting the poor myofunctional habits by using a combination of three or more appliances. These appliances help to rectify the causes of the problems and ensure the teeth grow perfectly aligned.

This treatment can be started as early as three and achieve optimal results. If started at the early age of 3 can give better results. This is mainly because the child is only just developing bad habits at this age, and so it becomes easy to correct them. However, if the treatment is commenced at an older age, then the child will require more time and effort to correct the already developed poor myofunctional habits.

Myobrace Treatment usually involves four stages:

Stage one

The first stage of the treatment is called the Habit Correction stage. This involves correcting the poor myofunctional habit that the patient has developed.

The patient may be taught to breathe through the nose instead of the mouth or to rest the tongue in the right position or to swallow the food in the right manner and keep the lips closed when not eating or speaking.

As these oral habits lead to the crooked growth of the teeth, rectifying them will help the child develop their jaws to the full size, allowing the teeth to grow straight and aligned.

Stage two

Stage two involves arch development to support habit correction in widening the upper jaw and creating enough space for the teeth and tongue. Children over the age of 7 years, having underdeveloped jaws may be advised to use various appliances and techniques with the Myobrace System.

Stage three

The third stage is known as the dental alignment stage. In this stage, you can expect the use of the Myobrace for Teens appliance to align the teeth perfectly. This is normally used when the last of the permanent teeth are erupting. The patient will have to wear the appliance every day for a few hours and overnight while sleeping. If the desired results are not achieved, unlikely though, the patient may have to take the next step and have a consultation for braces.

Stage four

The last stage, known as the retention stage ensures the good oral habits are maintained, and there is no need for the patient to wear a permanent retainer for a longer duration.

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