My Tooth Is Cracked

People experience a wide range of dental issues from tooth decay to discolouration of teeth. You can detect most of these dental issues before they become severe. However, issues like cracking of tooth can only be identified after experiencing it.

Be it tooth cracks or general wear and tear, you may struggle with high pain while chewing and exposed to cold and hot temperatures. If you experience any erratic pain while chewing or discomfort to hotness and coldness, it could the sign of a cracked tooth. Also, you may experience swelling of the gum around the tooth you worry cracked.

Causes For Cracked Teeth

Before discussing the treatment options for cracked teeth, you need to know the cause of a cracked tooth. Age is an important factor that leads to cracked teeth. Especially after 50 years, people experience demineralisation of teeth, and that makes their teeth less strong and prone to teeth crack issues.

In addition to age, the following issues lead to teeth cracking:

  • Biting or chewing hard food products such as hard candy, nuts, ice, etc.
  • Pressure due to teeth grinding
  • Abrupt temperature changes in the mouth – eating very hot and cold foods one after the other can make your teeth brittle
  • A tooth with large fillings often have less integrity and can lead to tooth cracking
  • Accidents, sports injuries, falling down, and more

You can safeguard your teeth from sports injuries by using mouthguards, especially if you play contact sports.

The Treatment Options

Today, multiple treatment options are available for patients who struggle from a cracked tooth. However, your treatment is decided by your dentist based on a number of factors. It includes the size of the crack, symptoms, location of the cracks, and whether the crack leads to your gumline or not.

Note that if the crack in your tooth extends beyond the gum line, it can’t be treated or restored but should be extracted. Therefore, early treatment is highly important to restore your natural smile and the best results.

Your dentist will provide you with any of the following treatment options:

Dental Veneers

These are tooth coloured thin pieces, made usually from porcelain, to cover the tooth from the frontal surface. These thin pieces are custom made based on your cracked tooth and cemented to the tooth to it to restore it both functionally and aesthetically. Note that most porcelain veneers have excellent durability, and you get a permanent solution to your dental problem.

Veneers are the ideal option if you’re struggling cracks with your frontal tooth as it can enhance the appeal of your tooth. You can also choose the treatment option if you have damaged enamel and worry that your tooth may experience cracks in future. However, dental veneers are not a great choice for you if the cracks are damaging the internal pulp of your tooth.

In 2-3 weeks, you can restore the glory of your smile using dental veneers. It’s the matter of the time required for preparing a custom veneer for your cracked tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

If you have experienced an infection in your root canal due to tooth crack or the pulp got damaged beyond repair, root canal treatment is the best option to restore your tooth. During the treatment, the dentist will remove your damaged/infected pulp, clean the root canal, and fill it with a special filling material.

The fillings can strengthen your cracked tooth and protect it from further cracks. Based on the extent of cracks and tooth damage, your dentist may also put a dental crown on your tooth and cement to protect it from cracks and breaks in future. At ProSmiles, you have the option to choose filling material that can match the natural colour of your tooth.

Most root canal treatment and implant are completed in an hour.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are caps or shells that cover your natural tooth and provide protection like a barrier from all sides. These are your choice if your tooth has got severe cracks or extensive damages and can’t hold tooth fillings.

Note that dental crowns are custom-made and can exactly fit on your tooth. Your dentist will prepare your tooth and make it even across the surface, before fixing the implant on it. Sometimes, they may reshape the tooth to fit the dental crown on it. Once the crown placed on your tooth, the dentists will cement it to provide strong, permanent tooth.

Dental Implant

If your tooth cracked beyond repair – especially beyond the gum line – you can’t restore your natural tooth. In such situations, your option is to extract the tooth and choose a dental implant to bring back your smile. Once the tooth is extracted, leaving a gap in your teeth array can lead to several problems, including the deterioration of the jawbone in the area.

By fixing a dental implant into your jawbone, you can ensure the strength of it along with oral health and aesthetic appeal. Through an invasive procedure, an implant, either metallic or non-metallic, can be fixed into your jawbone. With a custom dental crown mounted on the implant, you will get the complete smile.

The dental implanting is completed in less than an hour. However, it may take up to 3-6 months for the implant to completely fuse with your jawbones and ready to receive the permanent dental crown.

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