What Is Sleep Dentistry

The thought of visiting a dental clinic can increase anxiety levels for some patients, thus discouraging them from visiting a dentist and as a consequence, they don’t receive the treatment they need for their oral health.

Sleep dentistry is a calming technique used by certified dentists to perform a dental procedure on a patient who is anxious. It involves the use of general anaesthesia to relax the patient and allows the dentist to perform the dental procedure efficiently without the risk of startling or upsetting the patient.

Many people feel anxious or nervous to visit a dentist. They either entirely avoid such visits or land up at the clinic in a panicked state. Treating such patients can be a difficult task for the dentist, as well. Sleep dentistry is a process that helps the dentist to offer a safe, anxiety-free dental experience to the patients.

In short, sleep dentistry is good news for all those who have a phobia of the dentist.

Sleep dentistry can gradually help a patient overcome the fear of the dentist. A session or two of sleep dentistry can make a fearful patient more comfortable at the clinic. Dental phobia can be for any number of reasons; it could stem from an unpleasant childhood experience at a dental clinic or simply a bad experience with the previous dentist.

Dental Procedures Suitable for Sleep Dentistry and IV Sedation

  • Emergency procedures
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Dental implants, bone grafts, All on 4
  • Bridge and crown work
  • Periodontal treatments
  • Porcelain veneers, crowns or multiple fillings
  • Complex and extensive dental procedures
  • Full mouth restoration
  • Suitable for children

Benefits of sleep dentistry

Extreme comfort

Sleep dentistry ensures the patient is comfortable throughout the process. If the procedure is too lengthy, the patient may find it difficult to stay in one place and one position for a long time. However, with sleep dentistry, the patient stays extremely calm and relaxed throughout the treatment.

Improved patient co-operation

One of the most important reasons for successful treatment is the patient’s co-operation. The more the patient cooperates with the dentist, the better the results will be. Various factors like stress, anxiety and fear can prevent a patient from co-operating with the dentist during the treatment. Sleep dentistry can help calm such patients and make them more co-operative, thus ensuring better results.

Better control

It’s very common for patients to move involuntarily while the dentist performs the treatment for reasons such as medical conditions and reactions to the dental procedure its self. It is challenging for a dentist to perform a dental procedure on a patient who is constantly moving. As sleep dentistry solves this problem, the dentist gets better control over the situation, thus ensuring the treatment is carried out correctly.

Time effectiveness

As sleep dentistry keeps the patient in a calm and relaxed state, it is easier for the dentist to carry out long procedures in one go. People with a busy schedule may find it difficult to make multiple visits to a dentist. Hence, they can opt for sleep dentistry and get all necessary treatments done in a shorter amount of time.

Limited memory of the procedure

As sleep dentistry puts the patient in a relaxed, dreamlike state, the chances of remembering too much about the procedure are very, very low. Some patients may have limited memory of the procedure, while some may not remember anything about it. Isn’t it great to undergo treatment and not remember how exactly you felt throughout?

Reduced gag reflex

Those with a strong gag reflex may find it difficult to sit through long dental procedures. With sleep dentistry, the reflex is kept under control, ensuring the patient sits comfortably for the entire procedure. If you find yourself choking or feeling the urge to throw up while receiving dental treatments, then sleep dentistry could be the solution.

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