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sleep dentistry

All About Sleep Dentistry

What is Sleep Dentistry? The thought of visiting a dental clinic can increase anxiety levels for some patients, thus discouraging them from visiting a dentist and as a consequence, they don’t receive the treatment they need for their oral health. Sleep dentistry is a calming technique used...

wisdom teeth treatment

The Facts About Wisdom Teeth Treatment

Wisdom teeth can be a pain (both literally and figuratively) for many people. Nicknamed for the fact that they come through when you are older and supposedly wiser, wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that grow furthest back in your mouth. For some, the...

dental crown

Dental Crown Procedure, Care & Cost

Dental crowns are a relatively new innovation in the world of cosmetic dentistry . Simply put, they are a “cap” made of dental ceramic (also called composite resin) that is placed over the top of a prepared tooth. Dental crowns are used to enhance and strengthen...

teeth whitening methods

Best Teeth Whitening Methods

The Science Behind Teeth Whitening A fact of the modern world is that people want white teeth. Those with white smiles are considered more attractive, more presentable, and often have a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem Knowing this, it’s no wonder why more and more people...

Cute baby looking into camera and laughing, showing two teeth

Stem Cell Technology Is Transforming Dental Treatments

Oral stem cells include oral epithelial stem cells and oral mesenchymal stem cells. These cells can be isolated from oral tissues, including teeth and their surrounding or supporting structures. In daily dental clinical practice, there are many oral tissues that are wasted from patients. Each year, there are millions of teeth...