Is your grin getting you down? The team at Prosmiles can sort out your smile.

Your smile is the first impression you give others, it shakes hands at a distance and conveys your confidence. So, if you are not completely content with you smile it can be quite difficult to properly extend yourself to others. Visual aesthetics aside the shape of your mouth and arrangement of your teeth and jaw can be the cause of more discomfort physically than it is disheartening emotionally.

At Prosmiles we use Digital Smile Analysis to gauge how the formation of your mouth can be affecting not only the visual appearance of your smile but confirm the cause of discomfort you may be experiencing.

How Digital Smile Analysis works

Our team take impressions of the upper and lower teeth and use a series of photographic images both intra-oral and extra-oral to analyse the mouth. Then we use video recordings to determine your emotional expressions such as how the lips and jaw move and measure the ranges of various smiles.

Digital Smile Analysis examines your:

  • Facial Aesthetics
  • Facial Symmetry
  • Dental and Facial Midline Positions
  • Dental aesthetics in relation to the facial aesthetics
  • The harmony and symmetry of your gums and soft tissue
  • Speech alterations

Who qualifies for the procedure?

The point of the procedure is to determine beforehand if you will benefit from oral correction. If your teeth are misaligned, discolored, cracked or broken we can show you through the art and science of digital smile analysis what we need to do to maximise not only your appearance but to fix any discomfort and enhance the function of your bite and speech.

Confirming your expectations before undergoing your cosmetic procedure is a necessity as many practitioners sadly ask their patients to go into a procedure without the certainty of the outcome.

From affordable tooth implants, teeth whitening, and crowns with our advice patients decide on the cosmetic procedure of their choice, without pressure without false promise, they make their judgement by looking at the facts.

Our team of expert dentists can restore the aesthetic appearance and functionality of your smile essentially allowing you to ‘test drive’ your new smile before you buy it.

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