Missing Teeth and Implant Dentistry Upgrade your smile or replace missing teeth with our advanced dental implant treatments. Whether you are missing teeth due to sports, injury or dental health issues, dental implants can help you achieve self-confidence and restore your chewing ability. We offer All-On-4 the revolutionary implant system and other options customised to your specific circumstances. The process to get a dental implant or implants begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine the optimal implant solution for you. Our dentist will assess whether you are a candidate in need of bone grafting or tissue grafting, this procedure is amongst some of the initial steps necessary to restore your smile to its former glory. Replace Singular or Multiple Missing Teeth The procedure to replace singular or multiple missing teeth requires that the titanium rod that will support your new tooth or teeth be placed in your jawbone. This is done to ensure an extremely stronghold that will stand up to the test of time. Your dentist at ProSmiles Camberwell will evaluate the structure and strength of your teeth and the jawbone that supports them. The science and technology for dental implantation has grown exponentially over the past several years. What this means to consumers is that these teeth are stronger, more durable and more affordable than ever. What once was only affordable to the very wealthy, dental implantation is an affordable restorative dental treatment within everyone’s reach. Our cosmetic dentist can also fix long-standing gaps and multiple missing teeth issues, restoring your smile and esteem beautifully. Call us for Consultation Have you put off visiting the dentist Collingwood, because of anxiety or embarrassment? Our team at ProSmiles understandss the impact missing teeth can have. Replacing your teeth will give you a boost to your confidence, it will positively affect your work, your ability to chew, talk and express yourself. Call or visit the team at ProSmiles, Collingwood, for a personal consultation today.

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