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The Top 10 Reasons For Tooth Pain

There are many reasons for tooth pain occurring, and the level of pain experienced can vary as well. Pain will usually be occurring because the nerves that are attached to your tooth are reacting to a stimulus that indicates something is wrong. More serious pain...

Beautiful smile with withe teeth

Flashing Your Pearly Whites

Ever seen a picture of Julia Roberts smile? Dentists all around the world call in the most in harmony, natural, beautiful, million-dollar smile. A smile that pleases the eyes. Flashing your pearly whites simply means the same a smile as white as pearls. With a...

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Myths And Facts About Wisdom Teeth

When people talk about excruciating pain from natural causes, probably top of the list would be childbirth. Depending on the person and their medical history, passing a kidney stone, suffering from an intense migraine, or severe back pain may also make it into their personal...

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Stem Cell Technology Is Transforming Dental Treatments

Oral stem cells include oral epithelial stem cells and oral mesenchymal stem cells. These cells can be isolated from oral tissues, including teeth and their surrounding or supporting structures. In daily dental clinical practice, there are many oral tissues that are wasted from patients. Each year, there are millions of teeth...


Your Favourite Celebrities With Zirconia Crowns

Porcelain crowns are the most recommended types of the crowns in recent times for individuals who want aesthetic artificial teeth for themselves. As we all know, celebrities need to face the camera 24/7 and it most important to have a beautiful smile because beautiful skin...

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Diet High In Fat Leads To Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition in which there is a temporary cessation of breath during sleep. It is a condition seen in millions of people around the globe, most of which are overweight. Reason being that they felt tired during the day they are drawn...

Shot of an attractive young woman brushing her teeth in the bathroom at home

Are You Brushing Your Teeth Properly?

We often have this question of what is the best way to brush our teeth so that we don’t miss out on crucial areas and don’t need to go through the painful dental treatments that can make us anxious. ProSmiles are a family dentist based in Camberwell...

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Do You Suffer From Tooth Sensitivity? Here’s How You Tackle It

Tooth sensitivity is a very common dental problem that involves discomfort or pain in teeth when encountering certain substances and temperatures. The pain can vary from dull lingering or sharp and temporary, depending upon the severity and number of teeth affected. Causes Tooth brush abrasion: Brushing...